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Blandford History

The beautiful Georgian town of Blandford owes much of its current beauty to the fact it was destroyed in 1731 by a fire that started on the site of The Kings Arms!

The 'Great Fire' of Blandford on 4 June 1731 destroyed many significant buildings, such as the parish church, school and town hall.

Great Fire Blandford, Dorset

Blandford's character arises from the fact that the architects, surveyors and principal builders were William and John Bastard who were civil dignitaries of the town. They designed and built the new church, town hall, grammar school and many of the houses and business premises. The resultant town centre, still largely unchanged today, forms one of the most pleasing and complete Georgian places anywhere in England.

Blandford Town Hall

Around Blandford

Blandford is a beautiful place to visit. Wander through the Georgian town centre with its host of cafe's and shops. Find yourself in the relaxing Stour Meadows perfect for walking or watching the world go by.

Fields surrounding Blandford
Bryanston School, Blandford, Dorset, UK
Kingston Lacy House
Hall & Woodhouse Brewery Visitors Centre in Blandford
Royal Signals Museum
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